These are news stories that supplement my course content. Most are about 60 minutes long and will play in any web browser.

Bloomberg: Eugene Fama and Cliff Asness Discuss Efficient Markets (15 April 2016)
Only 11 minutes 30 seconds

EconTalk: Nathaniel Popper on Bitcoin and Digital Gold (8 June 2015)

EconTalk: The Present and Future of Bitcoin (5 May 2014)
Gavin Andresen: Chief Scientist of the BitCoin Foundation

CNBC: Market Microstructure Issues (1 April 2014)
William O’Brien, Brad Katsuyama, and Michael Lewis

VPRO International: The Wall Street Code (4 November 2013)

EconTalk: Calvo on the Crisis, Money, and Macro (21 October 2013)

EconTalk: Admati on Bank Regulation and the Bankers’ New Clothes (8 April 2013)
A brief description of how banks work and the incentives that promote the use of debt.

Frontline: Money, Power, and Wall Street (24 April 2012)
Four-part series on the financial crisis.

EconTalk: Calomiris on Capital Requirements, Leverage, and Financial Regulation (5 March 2012)

EconTalk: Fama on Finance (30 January 2012)

EconTalk: Simon Johnson on the Financial Crisis (28 November 2011)

EconTalk: Eichengreen on the Dollar and International Finance (6 June 2011)

EconTalk: Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and the Financial Crisis (28 March 2011)
Vincent Reinhart describes how off balance sheet entities can affect the riskiness of banks

VPRO International: Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box (31 January 2011)

EconTalk: Taleb on Black Swans, Fragility, and Mistakes (3 May 2010)

Frontline: The Card Game (24 November 2009)

Frontline: The Warning (20 October 2009)
The story of Alan Greenspan, Brooksley Born, and Long Term Capital Management

EconTalk: Gary Stern on Too Big to Fail (5 October 2009)

Frontline: Breaking the Bank – Bank of America and Merrill Lynch (16 June 2009)

Frontline: The Madoff Affair (12 May 2009)

Frontline: Ten Trillion and Counting (24 March 2009)

EconTalk: Meltzer on Inflation (23 February 2009)

Frontline: Inside the Meltdown (17 February 2009)

EconTalk: Kling on Freddie and Fannie and the Recent History of the U.S. Housing Market (29 September 2008)

EconTalk: Shiller on Housing and Bubbles (15 September 2008)

EconTalk: Meltzer on the Fed, Money, and Gold (19 May 2008)

EconTalk: Taleb on Black Swans (30 April 2007)

EconTalk: Milton Friedman on Money -Part 1 (28 August 2006)
EconTalk: Friedman on Capitalism and Freedom – Part 2 (4 September 2006)

Frontline: Secret History of the Credit Card (23 November 2004)

Nova: The Trillion Dollar Bet (8 February 2000)