This site is designed to supplement my work in academic finance. Some of the material posted here is taught in university courses but most is for those students that want additional material for self study beyond the classroom. If you are not currently in one of my courses, use the menu above to find course coverage and resources to learn on your own.

I love working with new data sets particularly those related to market microstructure. Please contact me if you are interested in microstructure, asset allocation, or general asset pricing projects.

I grew up as a musician in California and then served for several years in the Marine Corps. After college, I was an equity analyst on the buy side in New England. I am not a quant although I do believe that quantitative methods should be used to augment analyst capabilities rather than replace them.

I am active on various platforms under the nom de guerre ProbablePattern. For anyone curious about my Interwebz handle, it alludes to the inability of empirical evidence to provide absolute certainty. For a mathy explanation, see Gödel.

Students, please use the LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) if you are registered for class and the university email if you are not yet registered. Encrypted email can be sent with Keybase.