Radio Reference


Build Your Station

Contesting and QSL

Digital Operations and Reporting

Digital Voice Modes

HF Operations and Propagation

  • Azimuthal Map
    Create a global map projection centered on your station. Provided by NS6T
  • Ionosonde from the Alpena, MI station
    Ionosphere conditions updated every 7.5 minutes
  • Lightning Map
  • Shortwave Listening database for commercial SWL
  • Solar Report
    Solar-Terrestrial data provided by N0NBH
  • VOACAP Online
    Predict propagation based on location and frequency.
    Provided by OH6BG, HZ1JW, and OH8GLV

Regulations and Safety

  • Band Plan by the ARRL
  • RF exposure calculator by the ARRL


  • Satellite Frequency List
    Excel spreadsheet of satellite frequencies provided by JE9PEL

Voice over IP (VOIP)

  • EchoLink
    Hams communicating over the Internet
  • HamShack Hotline
    Modern VOIP system for hams
    Can be used with the Groundwire app using the HHX experimental server