Piano Music

I’m taking a brief break from everything this afternoon and finally getting around to recording some of the music I wrote when I was younger. This is part of a piece I envisioned as a psalm but never got around to writing the lyrics. More to come as I get around to learning the capabilities of my software and can record the rest of the piece.

Author: Probable Pattern

Former Marine and Curious Critter

2 thoughts on “Piano Music”

  1. Neat! What did you use to record this? I have a hard time getting my keyboard/computer set up properly.

    1. I use to be a pianist so I have a pretty nice home studio that is in disarray right now. This piece was just using my Alesis QS8 keyboard running fiber optic into a MOTU 828 audio interface that is connected to a Mac via firewire. You can get nearly the same result from using some of the built-in computer effects and using a basic MIDI compatible keyboard.

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