Pandemic Plans

One of the many eternal truths I learned in the Marine Corps is that planning is easy and execution is hard. The U.S. federal government already had plans in place for pandemic response before COVID-19. States, cities, and medical facilities all had plans. Some took them seriously while others did not. Another plan specific to the COVID pandemic was proposed by an impressive group of well-connected experts. I say “well-connected” but none of them seem to have any influence with actual decision makers. The plan itself is good and if you have any influence with politicians or business leaders, you should definitely read it here:

There is also a nice animated video by Vihart.

Everything is very optimistic and non-partisan. I only wish some effort was spent on actually achieving any of the objectives in the plan.

Strategy is a commodity; execution is an art.

Peter Drucker

Author: Probable Pattern

Former Marine and Curious Critter