Ocean Gravity

Drift diving is where the diver finds an area with a strong current and plans to ride the current over the course of the dive rather than fight against it. This video uses a combination of drift diving and free diving to give some perspective on the size and power of the ocean relative to a human.

Stacey Kent

It baffles me why we don’t have more of this style of jazz which is simplistic enough to be musically accessible to everyone but substantial in chord structure and style. This is not the same as smooth jazz or elevator music. Raconte Moi is beautiful but Ces Petits Riens is my favorite.


A good samba is light and floats through the air without losing its rhythmic grounding. While the video is fine, I have to admit that I loved this song before the video and I don’t think it added much to the song.

Piano Music

I’m taking a brief break from everything this afternoon and finally getting around to recording some of the music I wrote when I was younger. This is part of a piece I envisioned as a psalm but never got around to writing the lyrics. More to come as I get around to learning the capabilities of my software and can record the rest of the piece.