LaTeX Template

Learning LaTeX can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. Here is a template for a standard paper that only has text. Tables, figures, and equations can be added later and there are plenty of examples available to those who spend a few minutes on Google. I recommend using a web based LaTeX distribution like Overleaf or ShareLaTeX to get started but eventually you will want to install LaTeX on your own computer.

documentclass[a4paper]{article} usepackage[english]{babel} usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} usepackage{geometry} geometry{body={6.5in, 9.0in}, left=1.0in, top=1.0in} usepackage{setspace,anysize} usepackage{harvard}
title{Your Title}
author{ {small textbf{Your Name}} \ { small University or Organizationthanks{primary contact information.}} \ }

begin{document} maketitle singlespacing

begin{abstract} Short explanation of what your paper is about. end{abstract}

noindent textit{Keywords:} \ \ noindent textit{JEL classification:} letthefootnoterelaxfootnotetext{*Thank people that helped you get data or made suggestions to improve your paper.}

newpage setcounter{page}{1} doublespacing

section*{Introduction} Describe your question, why it is important, and how other people have contributed to the knowledge about the subject.

section*{Methodology} How are you going to investigate your question?

section*{Results} What are your findings?

section*{Conclusion} What does it all mean?

begin{thebibliography}{999} singlespacing

harvarditem[]{}{}{}LastName, F., 2012. Paper Title. textit{Journal}, 104(3), 519–534. harvarditem[]{}{}{}LastName, F., 2012. Another Paper. textit{Journal}, 104(3), 519–534.



Author: Probable Pattern

Former Marine and Curious Critter